Use Your Smartphone to Rent Your Car

Don’t look now, my friends who are standing impatiently at the line in front of the car rental desk at the airport fuming while they wait for other customers to go through the interminable rental procedures.  But unless you’ve been hiding beneath a rock someplace, I trust you knew that it is now possible to make all your car rental arrangements by smartphone.  Why, you could have made your reservations using one of Dollar Car Rental’s special Independence Day Groupon deals, had your reservations confirmed and our car awaiting your flight arrival and luggage pickup.  You might have walked past that desk and line, strolling directly to the car pickup, where after a few quick actions you’d be on your way out of the airport madness and off to your destination.  Your Groupon would assure you the best possible price breaks for your car rental and Dollar Car Rental would assure you the best service, quickest reservation process and readily available vehicle awaiting your arrival.


This may sound like some sort of fantasy dream, on a par with George Jetson and his space car that folds up into a briefcase.  But passengers can take advantage of it right now.  While others aboard your flight are staring at clouds or films you can use your Groupon to lock in your car rental at your destination right from your seat on the plane.  Once all your information has been transmitted and confirmed you can sit back secure in the knowledge that your vehicle will be awaiting you upon arrival at Dollar Rental.  If you’re traveling just with on-board items you may head directly for the transport to the Dollar rental section to pick up your vehicle.  Imagine the sense of being able to skip   going through Baggage Claim and car rental reservation processes.  Just take your items down from the overhead, deboard the plane and head directly to the vehicle that is fueled, ready and waiting for you.

A great and economical way to make your visit since Dollar Car Rental provides many special deals that benefit the business traveler, frequent flyer, or occasional car renter.  Investigate their options as an alternative to finding yourself standing in that line waiting impatiently to get on your way.